Elicit – The Daily Post –  Trying more english for myself

First: English is not my first language (as you can see in my other posts, so sorry for faults and queer grammar). But still: I love it!

I read in english most of the time and try to write as often as I can. Sometimes I already think in english. It’s fun! But if it comes to talking english I have some issues. But it helps to just chat about something.

It’s one of the things I try to do as often as possible: Leaving my comfort zone.

I never had a problem. I travel a lot. I love to meet new worlds and people. And dogs of course 😉 Just try it out. There are so many friendly minds outside your comfort zone. Waiting for you to begin a conversation. You will love it.

It always makes me smile ❤ Trying to be a bit more outgoing every day. That’s my challenge for 2017.