I think we were not this tired in our whole lives. Everything is aching and I have many bruises from carrying things around and letting them fall onto my toes or fingers.

BUT! It’s perfect! We – actually referring to „we“ is my dogs and me… yes, weird C9-women, I know 😛 – moved into a house with much space and a big garden (about 3600m^2 gras). I will open up a office for Physiotherapie for dogs and small animals. There are still more plans to this subject. I’m just starting 😉

I just noticed I have no pictures of them playing in the garden!

My girls are happy. Before we moved here they never wanted to be outside without me. On holidays when there was a garden they just stayed inside as if they didn’t know how to use a it for playing. Now they are outside every minute they are not sleeping. And as well they sleeping outside in the sun when they are not chasing each other. We have a lot of fun, running around the house, chasing, playing Agility and Frisbee again whenever I have a few minutes to spare from emtying my stuff from the boxes. No barking at people, no mobbing each other, no one is leaving the garden even if the gate is wide open.

Ah yes! Tired! The stress is wearing off. So at once I have no hey fever at the moment although everything begins to bloom and gras is cut. Happy about that! Before I began to study Vetmed I never had an issue with beeing allergic to something. In the last 7 years I had to watch everything I ate or did. Got migraine from the wrong food (chocolate, cheese, cinnamon, curry… hell! Yes!! Chocolate!!!!). I never had to apply so many pills to my normal meals. Still it is there. For sure I will never completely get rid of that little migraine deamon. But it’s ok now. Since I stoped with Vetmed, the stress began to fade and it got lighter and lighter. Now, instead of beeing in pain for 3 weeks a month there are only about 2-4 days. I can coup with that! I lost weight. Still feeling the whole impact of the last years of beeing scared (down to bodily pain) of exams, unhappiness and distress. I love animals. And I loved learning how to cure them, but when I realized it was at my cost it was already very far from beeing healthy. But I will stop here 😉 We sleep well at night. Rising early. I like beeing on my feet the whole day and working with dogs and people all around.

Ok, I LOVE it 😉

The mornings in my own garden!

We are not expecting pups right now. But I still have some plans about that. Perhaps there will be winter pups. Never wanted them but… never say never.

(Still SORRY for my poor english. I’m more into speaking or listening then writing 😉 )

See you soon!